SQL clauses site was designed to help programmers and IT professionals, yet unfamiliar with SQL (Structured Query Language) to learn the language and use it in their everyday work. Our tutorial shows how to put into practice various SQL clauses, SQL commands, SQL statements and SQL operators.

If SQL clauses and commands like SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, WHERE, JOIN, DISTINCT, ORDER BY, GROUP BY, HAVING, and UNION sound like ancient Greek to you, then you have come to the right place. Our goal is not to make you a SQL pro, but to introduce you to this powerful language and its clauses, and give you the foundation to continue your SQL training forward.

We have illustrated the SQL clauses and SQL commands usage with simple examples, where appropriate. If you want to learn SQL faster, than it's advisable to re-create the examples given in our SQL tutorial in a real RDBMS environment and play with them.